Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Inventions 2/4
The «Laugh Brace»
There are depressing moments in life when you don’t feel like laughing.
However, we should try to smile to each other more often in everyday life. A smile is for free and can create so much goodwill. I have not made this «laugh brace» exclusively for us Swiss people. It is simply not true that is only we who look in an ill-tempered way. He who claims this is prejudiced and has probably not travelled far. Neither in Milan, nor in Paris, New York or any other place in the world have I seen people go to work early in the morning with a smile on their faces.
I have to admit, though, that I have seen the most cheerful people in the poorest countries.

Back to my invention: I thought to myself, what could I contribute to making people smile more often. And this is how my «laugh brace» works: When the head is inclined slightly, two hooks, one on each side, placed in the corner of the mouth, will be pulled up lightly by a cable, and this will cause an easygoing smile.
You will be surprised how much goodwill you will experience in the future just by giving your fellow men a smile like this.

For a relaxed smile move your mouse over the image.