Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Inventions 1/4
Nose- and Ear Picking Set, 2002
According to the users’ individual needs, multifunctional exchangeable fixtures can be used for picking, rubbing and scratching; they can be attached easily to the finger cap which is comfortable to wear.
Smoker’s Fork, 1983
Thanks to this ingenious invention, heavy smokers no longer have to go without their cigarette when eating. The cigarette is slipped into a holder fastened to the stem of a table fork. A metal tube extending from the holder to the prong points allows unhindered smoking throughout a meal.
Cigarette Trap, 1977
Once a cigarette has been placed, a mouse trap will click.
Egg Scalper, 1976
Mode of operation:
Use the knob shaped as a chicken’s head (A) to tighten spring (B). Let blade (D) snap into place. Put a hard-boiled egg underneath the ring (C) and press start button (E). Remove top of egg shell from the device.