Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
About «Lozzi»
Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi

- Born on December 13, 1937 in Glarus, Switzerland
- Grew up in French (mother) and Swiss (father) cultures
- Served as cabinet-making apprenticeship
- Broadened my field of knowledge - mainly by teaching myself
«There was no schooling or vocational training that could have given me the
skills I needed for my future occupation. There are still none today.»
- Working as a freelance sculptor since 1964

My Works
- Small, mostly mobile, filigree wire sculptures
- Mobile iron sculptures often weighing several tons for outdoors which include
wind sculptures, large-scale rollway tracks, insect stabiles
- Small human and animal figures made of soft metal
- Life-size figures made of synthetic cement
- Fun sculptures, multiples
- Inventions
- Industrial products for interiors
- Drawing and painting

My Light-hearted Art
Each of us has a good side and a nasty side. I have made it my aim in life to
neutralise this widespread nastiness in the world by using humour as a positive
force and administering my own brand of light-hearted, ironical playfulness.
I want the light that emanates from my work to dispel the prevailing gloom, not
only to make this world more bearable for myself, but also to give pleasure
to my appreciative fellow beings.

My Sphere of Activity
- Creation of sculptures commissioned by private persons and business enterprises
- Participation in numerous private and group exhibitions in galleries and museums
inSwitzerland and abroad
- Several first prizes in competitions
- Design of industrial products, such as fun sculptures, multiples and products
for interiors
- Theatre production and performance of my exhibits
- Production of film documentations about my works