Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Inventions 3/4
The «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case»
The «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case», 2004
The «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case» is suitable in all places where your four-legged darling cannot do its «business» in an appropriate way: on ships, in trains, in airplanes or in urban areas which are unsuitable for dogs.
Mode of operation:
A «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case»closed.

B Sectional view of «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case» including the pale pushed together.

C How to open the «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case»and click the pale into place.

D Open «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case», pale in upright position.

E The «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case» padding: highly absorbent and compostable inlays made of natural fiber material.

F The open «Collapsible Dog-Walking Case» with armed out pale ready to use.