One of my “inventions”: The Body Guard, 2011




Three Crowns of Creation, 2011

Figures out of modelling clay, 40cm high





The Guardian Angel, 2007


A large figure made of synthetic cement for Motorists on the

old Gotthardstreet, Switzerland.

The Guardian Angel is about 3 meters high and stands on a

concrete pipe base.


                       Kunstkarte Schutzengel.jpg



“Dream Castle of Religions”


Project for a monumental iron sculpture. Scale model 1:100 (photo montage)


Luftschl Kopie.jpg 

“If we regard the religions of the world from a very general point of view and research

Their ultimate goals we will determine that all major religions of the world, whether

Christianity or Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism, all strive for a permanent state of happiness.”


                                                                                                           Dalai Lama XIV, Bodhgaya, 1981


Scale model 1:50


In 2010 I built the approx. 20 x 30cm large wire sculpture from 2009 of the “Dream Castle of Religions” on a scale of 1:50 as a model for a walk in, wheelchair accesible large-scale iron sculpture.

This final sculpture will exhibit the following dimensions: length 40m, width: 30m and

Height: 20m. It is one of the projects that will keep me occupied in the future.

Investors are wellcome!






“The longer the string, the higher the kite flies”

Old Chinese Proverb