Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Large-scale Sculptures for Outdoors 4/5
Insect Stabiles

The million and more species of insects and spiders play an important part in the natural cycle in that they form a link in the food chain that invariably ends either directly or indirectly with, in, or on humans or animals.

The role of the spider in the balance of nature and its usefulness in the agricultural world can hardly be exaggerated. Up to 130 of them can occupy a square metre of meadowland, that is to say 1’300’000 per hectare, a population capable of devouring some 500 kilograms of noxious insects in a year.
Zurich University, Switzerland, Exhibition
«Art at the Building»
New building, Livestock Clinic
In the same way as all of the 10’000 or more ant species, the reddish-brown wood ant lives in a city-state that is organised almost on human lines in terms of social structures and division of labour. As a natural enemy of numerous types of insect and as a scavenger, the ant is one of the most important of the useful woodland creatures. It is therefore a rigorously protected animal.