Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Large-scale Sculptures for Outdoors 3/5
Rollway Tracks and Hydromobiles
The Time Machine, 1983
This iron mobile stands 12 metres high between two big water basins. Twenty-four coloured balls, each with a diameter of 60 cm, float in the upper basin. They symbolise the hours of the day. Every hour, on the hour, one of the balls is transported by a train of wheels to the highest point (12 metres) and then plunges into the second basin. There, the time can be told to the exact hour by counting the number of the floating balls.

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Detail Time Machine

Wind and Water Mobile, 2008
In this iron sculpture, differently coloured shapes are being driven by wind and water. Simultaneously, a red ball is swaying back and forth on a rocker.
An exciting and amusing feast for the eyes!