Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Summary of Major works and Events
1959 First exhibition at Kunststuben Benedetti (today „Petermann’s Kunststuben«) Küsnacht, Zurich
1964 Walpurgis Night, iron stabile, local school in Ebmatingen
1972 Lozziworm, playground stabile, multiple, at more than 100 European locations
1973 Swiss Federal Study Grant
1975 Zurich Cantonal Study Grant
Play-Boy III, (as of 1982 Vocational School Bülach)
1976 Exhibition in the waiting room of Zurich-Stadelhofen railway station
Cloudhopper fun stable, Observation Terrace Check-in 2, Zurich Airport
1981 Open-air soap-bubble-blowing world record on August 12
with my soap-bubble machine
1982 Juicer, accessible mobile, commissioned by Zurich Electricity Board
1985 Time Machine and Bubblemobile, UBS Data Processing Centre, Flur-Süd, Zurich
1986 Pyrophone, flame organ, commissioned by Zurich Gas Board
1988 Circus, interior sculpture, foyer of multipurpose hall in Oberuzwil, St. Gallen
1989 Twenty-seven horologic sculptures, exhibition at «Les Ambassadeurs», Zurich
1990 Küsnacht-Zurich-Schweiz, wind mobile, landing stage, Küsnacht
WMH-Mobile, Hydromobile, commissioned by WMH Walter Meier Holding AG, Stäfa, Zürich
Terramobile 91, design, models and drawings for the 72-metre long giant sculpture on the occasion of «BBC/ABB centenary»
1991 Erection of same with 10 mechanics
Time Mobile, wall mobile, Retirement and Nursing Home, Niederuzwil
Festal Candelabrum, multiple, utility candle holder for every day of the year
1992 Lozziphones, six telephone sculptures, commissioned by Ascom
Birdie Lamps, multiple
1993 Wind and Water Mobile, «Klus» Senior Citizens’ and Recreational Centre, Zurich
Wind Pendulum, commissioned by the Salvation Army Men’s Hostel, Hasenberg, Waldkirch
Wind Mobile, Bethesda Nursing Home, Küsnacht
1994 Useful Creatures, nine insect stabiles, Livestock Clinic of Zurich University
1995 Quo Vadis?, wind sculpture, Bünt secondary school, Waldkirch, St. Gallen
Dow Mobile, multiple, Dow Europe S.A., Horgen
Construction of new home with studio in Binz-Maur
1996 Windling II, grounds of primary school at Schwerzenbach
13 pneumatic sculptures, commissioned by the Festo company; exhibition in «Technorama der Schweiz», Winterthur
1997 Wonders of the Wind, wind sculpture in Labrador Park, Singapore
Schweiz-Suisse-Svizzera-Svizra, wind sculpture, Swiss School, Singapore
Windling Garden and Hydro-Solarmobile, extension of primary school Rotkreuz, Risch
1998 Exhibition at «Air Force Center» Dübendorf and presentation of LOZZI’S PICTURE BOOK
Piaonophone, Steam piano, Flughafen-Immobilien-Gesellschaft, Zürich-Kloten
2000 Wind Mobile Canton Zurich, erection with more than 60 meachanics
2002 «Swarm of Mosquitoes», Roundabout Schossacher, Dübendorf
2005 First theatre production and performance of my exhibits, Mill Maur, Zurich
2006 Three Wind Mobiles, «Hohfuren», Uster, Zürich
2007 – 2009 Multiple «Fold-away Art», big figures made of synthetic cement;
Wind mobiles, room-high kinetic sculpture, wind and water mobile for a garden, commissioned by private clients

Private and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and public places at home and abroad. Several first prices at competitions.