Yvan «Lozzi» Pestalozzi
Large-scale Sculptures for Outdoors 1/5
Wind Sculptures
The Harmony of a Wind Mobile
My wind mobiles with their cheery play of forms and colours are bound to give peoples’ psyches a boost. Depending on the speed of the wind and the size of the colourful, variously configured vanes, the sculpture creates a new visual experience through the constantly changing abstract composition.

These amusing sculptures, driven by natural energy, are designed so that the slightest breath of air will set the individual components in motion. The entire sculpture, however, will withstand the onslaught of a squall.

My wind-driven creations are silent in operation. Their moving elements rotate on heavy-duty ball bearings that are lubricated for life and protected against meteorological inclemency by sealing rings. All ferrous items are hot-dip galvanised and, in the same manner as the light-alloy vanes, are primed prior to being coated with a field-proven two-component paint.

Short movie:
>> The making of a wind mobile